Is this too simple?

image-3A very well attended meeting last night showcased the new 2Simple ‘record keeping app‘ launched by 2Simple for Early Years.
Those of us with experience in Early Years will know the massive amount of paperwork that is involved, not just in record keeping files but at the time of actual observations. 2Simple have utilised the ease of use of an iPod (although some schools like the iPad or iPad mini just as much for this) to be able to make targetted observations on a range of children across a range of statements with what can almost be described as ‘ease’. I was unable to attend the whole meeting but by the look of how many orders he was getting from the 20 or so schools represented, they were obviously impressed. We have even had a few inquiries from staff who attended about prices for iPads this morning. Worth a look I think as it is a great example of where the technology is very much supporting an identified need.

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