NPH Conference


What on earth are they doing with those sticks? Good question! This was just one of the sessions that Headteachers, teachers, TAs and school office staff enjoyed as part of the NE NPH annual conference. The centre created a fabulous presentation area where many companies were available to engage with delegates and show the range of products that they had. The event was organised on behalf of NPH by South West Conferences and David and Sue certainly arranged a varied mix of interesting companies for schools to see. The speaker programme ranged from Esafety to disaster recovery and it was great to see a different range of schools staff appear at different times of the day to attend the seminar that they wanted to. That is the massive advantage we have we an event such as this, we bring the speakers to you so you don’t have to waste a day travelling miles and miles to see the presenter you want, you can drop in when they are speaking, they are on your doorstep. We are developing ideas for similar events based around key themes over the next six months so if there are issues that you would like to see addressed please let us know.Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 09.50.34

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