Oh the possibilities….

Paperless office? Savings made on ink cartridges? Brilliant the planet and our pockets will be pleased all round….but wait…what is that? There we go again, technology just keeps on opening up the possibilities of what can be achieved. Behold our new 3D printer in action:

All schools in Redcar and Cleveland are very welcome to use the printer on a week to week loan basis for FREE although we will be expecting the cost of ‘ink’ to be covered. A print costs a few pounds and we currently have red, green and blue in stock.


The idea of getting a 3D printer has been on a back burner for a while as the software required to create the objects requires a fairly high level of skill. That was until Mr S worked out that the good people at Autodesk make 123d Sculpt for free and that it is quite straightforward to produce a lovely sculpture in the app and then send it to the printer.


That means that children from the youngest learners we work with all the way to the very oldest can create quality work and bring it to life. Let us know if you would like to get involved.

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