Imagining the possibilities

What a fabulous event at the weekend over at Middlesbrough College. A huge number of practical, hands on activities that engaged all ages (my 4 yr old loved it). It was great to see such a diverse range of activities represented, everything from robots to beekeeping. Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to see Jason Bradbury (except watching him eat lunch on the table next to us!) but we certainly didn’t feel like we had missed out. Following the day I have been contacting several of the people I met to see if they would like to be involved in our STEM days. As readers of this blog will know from previous posts we hold days for about 100 students to come and engage in really hands on activities with real people from the real world of work! Feedback is always great and this year we are supplementing it with some larger scale ‘scrap heap challenge’ days and wider employability days. These are all lovely events but it is essential that they have more rigour to them than simply a nice day out. The employability framework that I wrote during the summer based on the ‘skills gap’ research and reports is currently being trialled in 7 primary schools and initial feedback has been very encouraging. It seeks to change the currency of the classroom not simply add on yet another thing to do. We know that the biggest impact in children’s lives can be made when they are younger and this is part of a strategy by the Aspire Trust to ensure that the children who attend their schools are given wider aspirations and opportunities than simply an academic education. There will be more detail on this over the next few weeks along with details about the upcoming Scrapheap challenge and ensuing events that you can get involved in.






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