It is happening!

We have schools from across the Tees Valley here today to create a LEGO animation in a day using their iPads. The focus is on creativity, problem solving and effective team management – they don’t have long because they finished films need to be live in the web this afternoon. Watch this space later today.

The day is not a competition and I have assured all the teams here that the product of their work is not the point (though we expect high standards!) it is the learning and skills that they walk away with that is important. Over the years I have found that film making, and animation in particular, has always been the best vehicle for getting children to work effectively in a team and have to solve real problems as they occur. Today’s event is being run through the lens of the employability framework that local schools have been using to embed the language of employability into classrooms and then at flagship events, this being one of them.

So the children are absolutely absorbed in their work and it is great to see that even the most planned teams are having to adjust and adapt to the situation on the day to get themselves to where they want to be. More soon!

As promised, more from us. The teams are still very much focussed on their tasks in hand, there are one or two furrowed brows as the clock relentlessly seems to head to 2.10pm and their hand in deadline. However they are also taking the time to visit other teams and learn from their experiences. This is both useful for their own learning but also an important part of developing wider skills, gaining confidence to know how to talk to people you have never met or worked with before. Great atmosphere in the centre today. Who’s up for our next event…?

And if we look at what is happening in the room in more detail we can see how the skills, attitudes and experiences found in the employability framework are very much in evidence as the day progresses. I would have said that tenacity would have been the key attitude to show but it is VERY clear from what is happening that as we enter their fourth straight hour of work the children are still as enthusiastic as they were at 9.30am.


And here we have the playlist at last. A massive well done to everyone involved today. The vast majority of you had never done any animation before, let alone stop motion with an iPad so the learning curve has been huge. For some it was as simple as learning that the camera and the stage need to stay still in relation to each other, for others it was making sure that characters ‘acted’ long enough for you to be able to overlay a speech track. Regardless of what the specifics were, the creativity and problem solving going on…and ow reflection to make it even better next time has been amazing. The playlist is just waiting from two videos from one of our schools but that will hopefully be completed tomorrow. For now, enjoy!

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  1. Cheryl poulter

    Are the missing 2 videos available yet?

  2. I’m sorry I am still waiting to receive them. Will hopefully get them tonight.

  3. Mr T has battled several technical issues and they are now on the playlist!

  4. Cheryl poulter

    Got them. Thanks.

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