Creativity? √ Animation? √ Classical music? √

Another busy day here at Inspire2Learn with over 60 children engaging in the ‘BBC Ten Pieces’ of classical music. Most of the children are familiar with the piece although not by name! We spent the beginning of the day listening to each and discussing how it made them feel. This provided an idol opportunity to use the LEGO ‘Build to Express’ sets that we have here at the centre. You can imagine the general use of skeletons, cutlasses and chains that they chose to use for building their feelings while listening to ‘Night on a Bare Mountain!’ imageRebecca Topping from Middlesbrough Town Hall popped in after a quick break to tell the children about the pieces of music from a musician’s point of view, discussing the various instruments in an orchestra and how the music is built up. And then….

The children were then asked to choose one of the ten pieces for their animation using the same LEGO set. Using movie planners, pop up film studios and requested backdrops the children have managed in the last 90 mins to : a) write a story and storyboard it b) create the props for their movie including a backdrop c) learn how to animate. As I look around the room (with ten minutes to go) I cannot see a single child who is not fully engaged with the task in hand, not one. They chose to miss out on a dinner break too!

The montage below gives a flavour of the creativity, problem solving and team skills required to accomplish this task successfully.

This was the first time that the majority of the children had ever attempted animation before so taking on such a challenging task might have been considered a set up to failure. But we have sen it time and time again, motivating tasks with a clear end point using a range of media always brings out the best in the children who come here. So, here is the showcase. I have moulded it into one long animation with a break between each individual piece of work. The soundtrack is taken from three of the ‘Ten Pieces’ which can be found as downloadable mp3s on the BBC website. First attempts? I can’t wait to see what they will produce after a bit more practice…

We will be running lots of events like this next year so please keep an eye on the events page for next year’s diary when it emerges in the next few weeks. We are also happy to come and run these in schools too!

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  1. Mrs Robinson

    Have had a great day – children desperate to do this again. Loved the video. Thank you 😀

  2. Absolutely fabulous. Tremendous stuff. What a fantastic day. Well done to all the pupils and staff involved and of course to the lovely people at I2L for facillitating the event.
    Keep up the good work


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