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Who knew it was National Lorry Week?

thumb_dsc_6393_1024Hands up…no, not you, or you…well I did because of the close support our local logistics companies have given to the employer/education events that we have continued to develop here. Today was a bespoke day to celebrate National Lorry Week but we also wanted to ensure that the children had a quality experience and understood the role of logistics vehicles on our roads.

Children from Southbank Primary and Grangetown Primary came to the centre to find out more about the range of roles that the logistics sector has to offer. It isn’t all about driving trucks!

The day opened with a brilliant presentation by Wendy O’Donnell the Assistant Harbour Master for the River Tees. Her expertise and obvious enthusiasm for ships, the merchant navy and the workings of the River VTS was both engaging and interesting for the children who didn’t know very much about Teesport’s existence despite living within 2 miles of it!

The children then got the opportunity to explore six different types of trucks that had been kindly offered through Devereux, PD Ports, Scania, Mobile Mini, Teesside LGV Training and Volvo. The drivers were really helpful and gave the children an in depth tour as well as the opportunity to sit in the cabs. The children came alive with millions of questions but in hindsight I think disabling the airhorns might have been a good idea!

Back in the auditorium and the children were asked to try reaction and eyesight tests on img_1997our iPads to see if they had the ability to cope with being a truck driver. By undergoing the tests the children were then asked to nominate their table ‘champion’ to take on the dreaded ‘PingPong Exchange Test’ in front of the whole audience and live on the big screen. Well done to Holly for becoming our overall champion.

The day was an excellent example of how supportive local businesses are being helping children of all ages to realise that there are lots of exciting possibilities open to them when they leave school. Inspire2Learn has developed a programme with most of the key sectors in this area so if your company is not involved yet please let us know. All we need is a little of your time. There is becoming a real appetite in our local schools to include more employer engagement in the children’s education because the growing evidence currently suggests that it is has a measurable impact on their life chances.

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