Exciting? Well we thought it would be when myself and Karen Marshall from Accenture hatched a plan a few months ago to widen children’s horizons for their potential future careers in a digital world. We wdsc_7850eren’t planning a careers day; we wanted to give the children lots situations using digital technology to develop the everyday skills that employers find so valuable.

So, with 150 children from
four primary schools, we ran a series of workshops throughout the day using different types of programming, robots and hands on tech. The lovely people from Geek Talent also supported on the day and we look forward to working with them again in the future. The children gain so much from working with positive role models in what were genuinely challenging scenarios. Didn’t see anybody give up, become sullen or spit their dummy out once!

Stella led the day from Accenture and, in keeping with their intention in being involved in school outreach, the prizes at the end of the day were awarded for ‘positive attitudes,’ ‘helping others’ ‘not giving up’ and so on. I am told time and again by ALL of the companies that support our events (getting on close to a hundred in the two years we have focussed on this) that these are the traits that they look for in employees. Qualifications are pretty low on their agenda, GCSEs show if the kids had commitment but not much else from their perspective. So all in all the day was a huge success, below are some of the images of the workshops:

And our brilliant prize winners from the day. Keep up these working attitudes and they will go far!

We look forward to the next one with even more companies supporting the event.

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