Creativity in action

dsc_7994It was appropriate that today was one of our LEGO creativity days. We hear about creativity as one of the key attributes/skills that employers want from employees. Today follows from yesterday. Let me explain.

Yesterday we welcomed Anthony Mann and Elnaz Kashefpatel to the centre. Maybe not household names but two of the lead researchers at the Education and Employers Taskforce. A group tasked with reviewing, unearthing and creating quality research into the efficacy of work related education in schools. Their work is varied and hugely influential in directing what makes great employer/education, why it works and what more we could be doing. Rigorously identifying the key factors will help us to make it more effective, their research shows clear long term financial gain for children of all different ages who engage in this sort of activity. The more often the bigger the gain.

So back to today. We have fifty children from three schools: St Benedicts, Riverdale and Whale Hill.They have been asked to define creativity. Really interesting responses were then used to create a checklist for what might creativity look like in action: using experience, new ideas, problem solving, communication and imagination were key features. Following our employability theme we then asked the children which jobs needed these characteristics. Ranging from rocket scientists to builders it was a fairly easy task but then I asked them which jobs do not require creativity. Tricky and a great discussion ensued. Following a short challenge with our LEGO Build to Express Kits, the children were also shown the basics of a voice over movie in iMovie. They now had experience of how top put things together but they needed a challenge to get their imagination generating new ideas.

A simple task, design a toy for Black Friday and sell it using a short advert. NOBODY was allowed to build a single thing without defining the toy’s audience, the value proposition and USP….and then they built. Their videos should be available on here by 4pm. in the meantime have a look at the images below to get a feel for the day.

So what is the link between today an yesterday. Yes it is focussed on employability ‘skills’ and linking their work today with what happens in the real world but more importantly it focusses on experiences. Not a quantifiable ‘level 1 in creativity’ but repeated exposure to the situations and personal requirements that these children will experience and need in later life whatever role they work in. Even taking part in a day like this has the evidence base behind it to say that these children in the room will have a slightly better chance at getting a job and being paid more than the children currently back in school. That is why we run so many sessions so that schools can give EVERY child the experiences on an ongoing basis through their school career.

As Dr Anthony Mann put it ‘Mud sticks so keep throwing mud and the evidence is that it does make a difference’.

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