Throwing it at them

An interesting day today with a range of students, Y7 – 9, from Unity City Academy in Middlesbrough. We wanted to focus on their creativity in the same way as the previous post on this blog. What immediately struck me was how much more reticent they were than primary age children when asked to talk about their own ideas and stand by them. They had great ideas, they really did, but it took a fair bit of cajoling to get them to open up in the main.

So, the activity focussed again on the nature of creativity and how it related to jobs before giving them an opportunity to apply some new skills to a creative situation (design a new LEGO set). As always, we don’t try to quantify or ‘level’ creativity (or any of the employability skills) but we develop them and focus on them through reflection and action. The opening session revealed their thoughts on what creativity is:


We used this as the basis for the work that followed.

The task was to create a short advert that included a range of creative approaches. I purposely did not want to intervene too much in the thought process but simply showed the some of the possibilities in Garageband for voice and music, Green Screen for effects, iMotion for stop motion and iMovie to glue it all together. I have run a day session on each of these apps in the past so it was interesting to see how the students would adapt and use what they felt was needed. And that is exactly what they did. I wouldn’t say many have a polished finish because they only had so long to work and they tended to focus on getting one aspect right; whether that was the sound design or the green screen or the structure. You can see form each video below what was of the most interest to each group and how they developed that idea. In an ideal world we would have had sessions on each technique and then the task treated as a single activity but life sometimes isn’t like that. It’s clear from the playlist below which aspect each group focussed on, some worked so effectively that they even got more than one technique pinned down. If only we had more time….

But overall, great work and we concluded before they left, ‘attitude is everything’.

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