Animation for the first time

What a crazy half term we have had here. Hundreds of students doing such a wide range of different activities.
Today we welcomed Rift House Primary and Ormesby Primary to the centre to learn how to animate. As ever, we don’t just talk about the task in hand. Teamwork, especially compromise and sharing, were the key attitudes that we wanted to focus on with a smattering or ‘being creative’ thrown in. The children use the excellent LEGO Build to Express kits to create mood through builds then followed it up with a short three part story, planned and written in half an hour!
After a slap up lunch (we teach them to buffet graze appropriately) we focused on the animation skills and the children threw themselves into the task. Have you ever animated with an iPad? It looks easy but learning the subtleties of keeping everything VERY still, make the movements small and think about how to actually move the characters takes a LOT of practice. I’ve included the children’s work below because I think you will agree that they worked really hard on their movies. Believe me, there were many false starts that we deleted, many photos that we had to redo but little by little most of the children started to grasp the key factors that would make their animations work effectively.
Even more pleasingly I was told by one of the teachers that she had been a little worried today about some of her children. At school they had a reputation for being a little single minded, maybe not being very good at sharing. I was gobsmacked when she nodded towards the children she had in mind. They were a personification of teamwork; the different environment, the nature of the task and the way that we couch it in ‘teamwork’ language all contributed to them working in a very different way than they often would. THAT is why we do these animation days, not to each animation, but because of the other wider skills that it gives the children a chance to develop.

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  1. I couldn!t agree more. Learning to collaborate and share thoughts and ideas are key in developing well rounded individuals. Keep up the excellent work


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