Creativity and Enterprise

Great to see St Benedict’s, Rift House and Ormesby Primary schools here today to take on today’s Creativity Challenge. Essentially we have challenged the children to think as creatively as possible, through the medium of LEGO to a specified design brief. A real test and development of enterprise skills. The youngest are 5 years old! As always with our events, they are bespoke to the children who attend so we have a range of support and task running in the room as the day progresses. One of the teachers told me this morning that some of the children who attended the last event had not stopped talking about it, even after they came back after half term! They are sending groups of 12 to each of the events to make transport easier and also to keep up the engagement level across the year. It certainly seems to be working.

Below are some pics of the pupils developing their team work/negotiation skills whilst making a LEGO montage of their best day at school ever. They are using the iPads to record a simple trailer to showcase their work; these will appear below as a playlist later today.

After lunch we also used the split in ages to our advantage. It gave an excellent opportunity for some of the older children to develop their leadership skills by facilitating the work that the Y1 children were doing. Comments from teachers on both sides confirmed that the Y5 children took on board the key attributes I had discussed with them prior to their task and they brilliantly led in each group whilst ensuring that all of the other children were very much included. Some of the pics below illustrate this:

Some of the parents arrived slightly earlier than expected to pick up their children but were invited in toe see them completing the task. One told me that the day was all her daughter had talked about for weeks because of the vibe that had been brought back by classmates at previous events. Great to see we are having a wider impact.

And now for the main event! The trailers that the children created to showcase their work. As ever they took on a lot of work today but the fact that they achieved everything that was set is a testament to their hard work and teamwork. Well done everyone, real enterprise skills in action.

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