Enterprising Pupils

IMG_0739Well done today to the children of Rift House Primary and Newcomen Primary. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the two businesses that were going to support today were unable to make it so the children were stuck with me alone! However, as previous blog posts no doubt show, the focus of most of our work are the employability type skills and I made it clear today at the outset that it was specific aspects of teamwork that I was looking for. The children didn’t disappoint and used the vocabulary I had given them throughout the day in relation to their work.

Their first task was to use a simple business planner to create a new business: a cafe aimed at kids. Their thoughts were structured through a value proposition and USP to create a design that they could fit to a floor planner. I did lie a bit; i told them they wouldn’t be doing math or english today and they ended up having to work to scale and come up with persuasive language to sell their idea. ‘Sweet-a-licious’,’The Cracking Cafe’, ‘Read Me, Eat Me’ are all examples of the different concepts each group came up with through listening and compromise skills.

IMG_8011After break they were tasked with creating a salad but of course many of them don’t tend to eat salads very much so we had a tasting session where children recorded their thoughts. They used these notes to create their own salad after lunch. Unfortunately Rift House had to leave early due to bus timings but Newcomen stayed for half an hour longer and created the fantastic adverts that you see below. Considering the fact they had never used iMovie before it is a testament to their resilience, creativity and the ease of use of iMovie that they got their tasks done so well. Even when being distracted by the dressy up box!

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