Information or Aspiration?

IMG_7066Great to see the sun shining once again on our Y5 aspiration event. Children from Handale, Layfield, Breckon Hill, Corpus Christi, Sacred Heart, Errington and Chandler’s Ridge are the latest to explore the world of work through interaction with ‘real life people’. Julie from Inspiron Learning has talked about many of the exciting engineering challenges that offer cutting edge careers; Steve from Tees Valley Wildlife Trust has shown the work that conservationists do; Glenn has shown a range of exciting roles within the RAF, especially related to engineering; Lorraine created a fabulous hands on science workshop looking at roles in later life and last but not least Gary and Harry from PD Portcentric Logistics have given the children a real insight into what Logistics is and the many roles that are involved in it. As a great complement to the specific work related sessions, Matt has worked with each group to get the children to think about their own likes, dislikes, hopes and aspirations.

I asked the children at the beginning of each session (we run one in the morning and one in the afternoon) what they thought they were here for. Broadly they were aware it was about ‘careers’. Many people are surprised that we run these sort of events for primary children but the evidence is starting to stay up, and our experience to boot, that starting that conversation younger is likely to have a greater impact than waiting until secondary and beyond. 250 children today and a similar number each month is really putting a dent in the number of children who have never really had the opportunity to think about their futures before.

The title also refers to the outcome of the day. Is it about aspiration or simply giving them a wider understanding, more information, about what they could possibly pursue in later life? The message that I leave them with is that they have every opportunity in front of them, just be curious and enthusiastic. If you have the drive to succeed, you will.

Writing this at 2.15pm also allows me to include some feedback from Breckon Hill who attended this morning. The deputy head teacher made a point of emailing me to say that the children and teachers who had attended had thought the event was excellent and that the children were ‘buzzing’.

I am assured by Julie that this had nothing to do with the session about future uses of energy!

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