An Animated Challenge

‘Reception from Rift House in Hartlepool and Whale Hill Y3 from R&C,’ Jordan told me two weeks ago when I asked which schools would be taking part in today’s animation workshop. Reception. Y3. Hmmm, an interesting mix. I always look to mixing age groups at our events here because regardless of the physical/digital output of the pupils, the experience of working with others, leading, developing interpersonal skills is the underlying objective.

And what a great mix today has proved to be. Whale Hill should be very proud of their children who have helped, not taken over, helped their younger fellow animators absolutely brilliantly. It gave us the opportunity to talk about effective leadership and mentoring in a live situation and they responded to it so well. It might sound daft to many that eight year olds were discussing leadership and mentoring skills but their responses and insights were as good as any I’ve come across with KS3 students.

The Reception children in turn have had great role models to follow and have risen to their task brilliantly. It is never easy to ask children of this age to collaborate on a story, that tends to come along as they get a little older, but the way that the staff have supported them, the structured nature of the task and their total enthusiasm has created a brilliant working atmosphere. Pics below of their work so far and their videos will appear here later:

And here are the fabulous first time animations created by Whale Hill Y3 in Stop Motion and assembled in iMovie. Well done all of you:

and below is the amazing work by the lovely children from Rift House Primary. An excellent end to a difficult week.

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