Whoo-oa livin’ on a prayer

IMG_1985 2Always brilliant to have David Kirtlan back to lend his talents to some of our local schools in creating an iPad band in a day. It is always a challenge but somehow he always gets there in the end! Today we have pupils from St Gabriels and Saltburn who learned how to structure a piece of music, keep time, play parts and concentrate hard for a long period of time! Using GarageBand on iPads, a large mixing desk, lots of leads and a huge amount of patience the children practised solidly throughout the day to reduce the final take below. Some of the pictures below tell the tale:

Our plan for next year is to offer a more structured project that takes several weeks with inschool support and central teacher days. The culmination will be a ‘Battle of the Bands’ type event at a large venue but for now enjoy what has been created in just one day.

Oh by the way, it didn’t help that they didn’t actually know the song until about 1.30pm when all the parts, the tempo and chord work came together. Most didn’t even know it once they had watched it on Youtube. So be amazed:


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  1. Excellent stuff.
    Great pics and video. Loved the chorus.

    Didn’t they do well
    Always enjoy these posts.
    Keep up the good work


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