Conceptual teaching

Green screen.


50 pupils.

Greek myths.

Great starting point.

Now I could have gone through the motions, give them a a simple myth to re-enact and use a green screen app to film it. Dead simple, but really there wouldn’t have been too much learning in that. Sure the team work focus required to pull together a plan with defined roles was important, the creativity of how to achieve certain ‘looks’ on screen but that could be achieved simply by a short drama. The green screen apps all do the technical bit. No, I wanted to try and challenge a bit further. In a day.

So we started with reducing their stories to the key plot drivers, a key sentence for each scene which drove the action. We spend a huge amount of time in schools teaching children how to embellish text and yet in most of our lives we actually look to simply things to be able to tackle a large issue as a series of steps. Following our simplification we explored Green Screen by DoInk which is my preferred app for chroma work. As expected this was easily absorbed by the children but I wanted them to really get to the concept of green screening. So we explored taking it a layer further, creating a double layer, saving then overlaying again. Many groups did not use this in their final films but they were all encouraged to add a double layer somewhere even just as a test shot. Most used Explain Everything to produce the ‘special effect’ and then overlaid it on the live action. It was a lot for one day but having worked with these children from Wheatlands in the past I was vey confident that they would get some of their films finished. So it proved. I have also included in the playlist some of the work in progress so that you can get an idea of what some were experimenting with.

Unfortunately these videos are currently unavailable until further notice.



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