Quality, not quantity

I always enjoy working with children on animation projects. Most of them who come here are learning it for the first and we have been very careful to build the pace of these days so that the children produce something that demonstrates understanding of the process rather than trying to do as much as possible. Today was a great example. We spent the first part of the morning defining creativity and identifying why it is ESSENTIAL to being successful in life and work. Who has the most uncreative job? I still don’t know if the suggestion of a ‘welding inspector’ was a good one! We then used that to springboard into using our creativity to solve a problem and respond to a challenge using the LEGO Build to Express kits.

A quick tour of the Stop Motion app (free – I still can’t believe it!) then furnished the children with the key skills with which to develop their ideas of a simple story. We paused briefly after lunch for a ‘top tips when animating’ discussion based on what they had learnt so far and off they went. The staff as always were magnificent supporting the children as well as two work experience placement from one of the schools, one from People’s Services and one from my very own house! The children were mixed, awesome Y4 from St Gabriels who were doing something completely new and the fabulous Y6 pupils from Ormesby Primary who had a little experience already. It was a lovely combination and a very positive comment must be made about their manners and conduct at lunchtime which is all part of the learning experience about the big wide world that I2L offers. Well done all of you, you are welcome back any time.

So enough reading, here are the videos. I would say short and sweet but actually some achieved more than could be expected of them given such a tight time frame so all different lengths. Well done to all of you.

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