Which company would like free publicity and a lovely warm feeling inside?

how long have you got

That’s right, you could make a big difference to the lives of young people just by getting involved. Many companies do this as part of their CSR, PR or simply for talent spotting. We don’t care. We know that either way, changing the cultural capital for our school population has measurable outcomes later in life. I have sat (with many of you) in many meetings, seminars and presentations over recent years where the problem of skills gaps and lack of information about the local jobs market for young people is moaned about. I agree with all of it, hence the huge range of events that we have created at the centre starting with primary school upwards. This is not just about ‘career information’ this is about changing cultural capital for every child, making them aware of the local opportunities that exist and most importantly, feel that they are opportunities that they can take.

That is where our lovely local companies come in. We need your help. Growing research evidence (blog posts passim on this website) strongly links pupil engagement with the world of work to improved outcomes for them in later in life. We have created a range of ways that companies or individuals can get involved, we now just need the sign up. Today I have had to turn away schools from some of the events on our calendar, the rest are filling up fast. Schools are committed to doing this because they recognise that pure academic success guarantees nothing. Many also recognise the growing evidence that developing cultural capital has a positive impact on academic success anyway.

So what can you help with? The events can be seen at a glance on the events page but for a copy, click here: Inspire2Learn school and employer engagement brochure 2017-18

to see the full range of ways in which you and colleagues can make a real difference to the local area both now and in the years to come.

Any questions please just contact me:


See you all soon,


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