Highlights from Day 1

Was it worth the trip? Day 1

As many of you know, we host a huge number of events designed to inform and inspire pupils of all ages to think about their futures and what they can achieve in the world. This is usually a lonely pursuit supported only by our brilliant volunteers. But occasionally a chance comes along to collaborate with other like minded people or organisations and we jump at the chance. This project has been at least two years in the making, involving organisations and individuals from a range of backgrounds, from all across the NE. Through our combined efforts we arrive at a unique event. 2500 pupils will celebrate, engage and immerse themselves in the vibrant world of engineering that the NE offers. Staged at the Stadium of Light, we will have over 150 schools attending over the next two days and they will enjoy touring around the interactive displays hosted by local companies, attend a science show with Dr Bunhead (if you have to ask….) and discover what amazing opportunities are on their doorstep for a great future career. We aim to run this event each year so if you can’t be here this time around, enjoy the short video streams to get an idea of what you can aim for next year. And if you want to help inspire pupils about your company or sector, please get in touch to be part of one of the many events we have running each week.

Below is a thank you to all our fantastic companies and volunteers who spent two, very busy, days in the atmospheric concourses while wave after wave of enthusiastic pupils descended on them. They smiles never wavered once!

Thank you all.


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