Christmas Enterprise

What a great day today at Inspire2Learn with pupils from both Hummersknot in Darlington and Rift House in Hartlepool. We got off to a slow start examining TV adverts to identify how products are pitched at different audiences but once they got the hang of it, they were able to use their understanding to create bespoke Christmas decorations aimed at particular audiences:

Hummersknot even had time at the end to deliver short and snappy pitches to camera. What stood out for me today was how focussed the pupils were on their work. They took on board what they were shown, then applied it effectively. It was really interesting to watch them have to learn new skills on the fly, even the basics of using glitter carefully! Several conversations between myself and supporting staff revolved around how much care, attention to detail and general resilience the children were showing in getting the task achieved. This approach has a real knock on effect when pupils have this approach to learning integrated into the more academic elements. After all, this mimics effectively the way that they will be expected to work in their future careers, focussed, self regulated and time dependent!

Enjoy the videos below:

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  1. William loved his day, a big thank you to Andrew and all at I2L.

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