Creative Christmas Y1 Style!


A busy week with hundreds of pupils attending different events culminated in our KS1 Creativity Day. Many of the children are only 5 years old but what excellent self regulation and engagement they showed all day. Yes the activity was based around developing a toy with a clear audience focus and appropriate features, but the real sub text to nearly everything we do here is the focus on personal attitude, interpersonal skills and completing a task. These children may be young but they developed those skills and attitudes brilliantly during the day. St Clare’s, Oakdene and Caedmon primaries brought a total of 71 children and some very enthusiastic adults to support:

I even challenged them to record on camera the product that they had created (using a basic LEGO set), who the audience was and what the features were that were appropriate to that audience. Pretty daunting when you are 5 and your image is being mirrored to a 20ft screen at the other end of the room! But unless children are offered these wider opportunities in challenging yet supportive situations, they won’t develop the self belief, in fact self esteem that goes with it. That is one of our primary aims here and just like nursery teachers encourage mark making as a precursor to writing, simplified use of enterprise type language and task focus is essential with the very youngest if we want our children to develop those skills effectively through their lives. Start young and build, they understand!

Enjoy their videos and excuse the hamfisted Director trying to cajole their ideas out of their heads!

Caedmon voice over vid:

Oakdene and St Clare’s speedy green screen:

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