What skills gap?

Well only if you employ them straight from KS1 it would seem!  Today we had a mixed IMG_4184group of over 70 Y1’s and 2’s from Dormanstown and Rift House Primary schools. Although the theme of the day was creativity we set the stall out from the very beginning about effective teamwork, listening skills and collaboration. Learning to compromise when people had different ideas was key amongst that.

And what did we find? The children were absolutely brilliant. From building a celebration day through to a ‘pre-marketing’ task, they showed amazing focus and ability to take ideas from all team members and then mould them into a solution. I have seen a lot of ‘enterprise’ schemes and events over the last few years and being a teacher I have felt many lack a real sense of progression. The work that these children did today opened the door to key vocabulary and also the focus on audience; work which would be built on in lower KS2 and beyond. Focusing on audience also develops their empathy to mindsets that are not their own, a key skill in becoming an effective writer or even being successful in later life. It was interesting to see how many of them wanted to write today without being asked to, to ensure that their ideas in pictures were not misconstrued. Boys don’t like writing??? I beg to differ.

So well done to the children today, their manners, care for others around them and general sensibleness (definitely a word) was an absolute credit to them and the staff who supported them. Enjoy the videos below where they are given the chance to explain about their models in terms of their audience needs:

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