Animation and Green Screen Challenge

We love a challenge here at Inspire2Learn and knowing that we had such great pupils from Acklam Whin, Newcomen and Ormesby meant that we set today’s animation and green screen target high! Developing skill with animation takes time and our aim on a day here is to open up the possibilities so that new ways of working can be explored and then built upon back in school. The staff certainly threw themselves into today’s task so I can imagine this WILL be followed up in other curriculum areas.

The children were signed up to a green screen day but we love to combine green screen with animation because they naturally complement each other. So, today’s focus was not to produce a great storyline, great acting performances or a polished product. Today the objective was to leave the building understanding that animation creates one effect, green screen another and that the two can be combined.

You can see from the pictures not only the steps they had to go through but also the creative problem solving to achieve what they wanted to alongside a strong team ethic, all working to the same goal. I’ve condensed the films into one long one. Each group had two or three scenes showing live action, then a special effect on top of a photo. They then in many cases added a special effect on top of a live action piece. If only I had a week with them….

Oh wait a minute….Animation challenge week starting 21st May! Would you like to take part? In the meantime here’s the video showing the skills they acquired today. Now how could I put that in a literacy lesson…..? Hmmm….

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