Enterprise Challenge March 2018

What a busy, busy day we had today with the fabulous pupils from Rift House in Hartlepool and Sacred Heart in Redcar. It was great mix having Y6 and 7 attempting the same task. By the time they had identified key techniques that marketeers use to convince us that we need something new, they were ready to produce their own work employing those techniques. I challenged them  little in that i asked them to focus their product on a different target audience to themselves. To succeed they needed to identify the value propositions that would appeal to their audience then refine them into a USP that would make their product stand out.

Once the product was designed they were able to shoot a short advert for it. Unfortunately due to the bus situation Rift House were only able to work here until 1.45 so it was a miracle that any of them got more than a handful of shots completed. But they did. Some are missing voiceovers, some whole scenes but I have uploaded their playlist below because what they did get done was using what they had learned. If only we had three days!

Sacred Heart were here for the full day and had a little more time to polish their work. It even allowed some of the groups the luxury of employing a chroma effect to make their product really stand out. But for me what really stands out is that all of the groups used some of the techniques that we had earlier identified: relatability, role models that match the audience, special offers etc. And that is what matters after a day like today, do they understand how to see someone else’s point of view and act accordingly?

That is a skill worth developing for all of us.



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