Tees Valley is the best in the North….apparently!

Well that is what our award says!

Last year we were grateful to receive some funding to upscale our programme reaching pupils across the Tees Valley. Our focus was employer engagement to raise aspirations and showcase skills and attitudes that pupils will need in the world of work. It was very successful and fit beautifully with our wider programme that starts with primary schools and works upwards. The growing body of research in this area strongly suggests that a sustained and systematic programme of engagement and activity through a school career starting with our youngest learners has measurable results on children’s future earning potential. If I know something statistically increases my child’s earning potential when they are older I will be first in line….and we are trying to provide it for EVERY child in the Tees Valley. Official figures I read today show clearly that there are plenty of job opportunities in the area and that wages are rising here at a faster rate than nationally. So we need to get all our children engaged in why they they go to school and what the possibilities are for them in later life. Local businesses and organisations have been brilliant in supporting this over the last few years and more join in every week. They need to. We only worked with about 10 000 pupils last year and there are nearly 100 000 in the Tees Valley. Even factoring in the great work people like High Tide, Princes’ Trust, NYBEP etc do, we are all barely touching the sides and the research shows that it is the authentic contact with employability skills and employers that makes the long term difference.

So we were very proud that in July we were awarded ‘Best Provider in the North 2018‘ by the Careers and Enterprise Company. Their remit is to shape and deliver the government’s Careers Strategy and for us to be named the best provider north of about Derby was a great accolade. But of course it isn’t enough, we need to do more and today we published our events guide for this year 2018/19. Schools got sight of it just before the holidays and many events are already booked up until July with some schools on waiting lists. We will be looking to run extra sessions as the year progresses. But we need the helps of individuals, companies and organisations to ensure that the pupils get authentic experiences. Short talks about what you do all day, support at a scrapheap challenge where pupils build future tech, leading STEM activities that we provide to enthuse and encourage….these are just examples of things that you could get involved in. We don’t just leave you in a room with a bunch of children! We help you develop a session if you would like us to, we supervise the sessions that you lead or support, we keep you up to date with any changes to the programme and we feed you really well! If you would like to leave our centre with a beaming grin, a sense of making a difference and a piece of cake in a napkin then please get in touch. It is noticeable how many companies have agreed to support just one event with one member of staff and ended up coming back again and again in greater numbers. The knock on effect for staff development has been noted time and again.

So if you would like to take part in something please have a quick glance at this.

And then look in more detail at what each session entails here.

I can’t wait to hear from you:



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