It’s back! Scrapheap Sept 2018

Another school year and another scrapheap challenge. Nearly a hundred pupils are here today taking on this year’s challenge for the first time. We hold these events every month and if you would love to come the bad news is that we are fully booked until July!

But back to today and the pupils from five schools across the Tees Valley are already implementing their planning and their creations are starting to take shape. As usual they will be presenting their work at around 2.05pm this afternoon live to this blog. But for now here are some pics from this morning:

And the pace became even more frantic after lunch, both building and refining the models but also creating and presenting the presentations that we will see below after 2.05pm

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    Just read this – looks amazing. We have our nominated subject area ambassador students ready for Senior Leadership Team interviews over the next week ready for next month’s STEM challenge as discussed! Once interviewed, it would be excellent if we could arrange for you to meet with the STEM subject ambassadors to brief them on their support roles for the session/s. If that is something you’d like to do? If so, I can bring them to you if it’s easier. We’ve had the sessions okayed here at Hillsview so we are good to go from our end! Let me know if you have a spare time slot on Tuesday 2nd October and we can make the necessary arrangements!

    Thanks again.

    Have a fantastic weekend.


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