Bring It On 2.0

5e31da22-7595-4962-8fdf-a334c15301cb-1344-0000011e1a389657_fileWhat a fabulous two days we have had! Around 3000 pupils from hundreds of schools across the NE descended on the new Beacon of Light in Sunderland to discover what an exciting place the NE is for engineering. Over 60 employers ranging from huge companies like Komatsu down to small but perfectly formed Games companies have sent staff and activities to what is the biggest event of its kind in the area, possibly the UK. As many of you will know Inspire2Learn have been involved with Bring It On since the beginning. We see it as an amazing flagship event which complements our year round programme brilliantly. Day 1 was primary day followed by KS3 on Day 2. We streamed live for both days as a stop gap but with these sort of events we really wanted to showcase the engagement from both the employers and the pupils. Below are some of the videos that we created to show why such events are so important. Talking about skills gaps and lack of awareness is an important first step to solving the problem, however, we seem to have been talking about it for a very long time. The research is becoming clearer by the day to structure how to tackle the problem and events like this fit that mould perfectly. If you weren’t here for either of these days you really shouldn’t miss out next year!

See what you are missing!

Day 1

And on to Day 2. What do the employers think?

What did our disengaged teenagers think? Can’t seem to spot many hiding behind the obvious enthusiasm…

I’m pretty sure the future is in exceptional hands…



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