Making the Curriculum Relevant

IMG_4557Another day, another exciting event for pupils to attend. Friday saw the focus on English as a subject. How is it useful in the workplace? What do students need to know about care and attention to choice of words?

We welcomed four fantastic session leaders. Claire Preston from Lexonik showed us why the work she does with schools has such an impact on their literacy skills. It focussed on choice of vocabulary in a real ‘pitch’ type scenario. Debi led a session based on effective communication from her standpoint as a nurse representing James Cook hospital. Emily Bentley from Communicate has been trying to get to one of our days for ages and she certainly didn’t disappoint. Again, a focus on effective choice of words in a real marketing scenario brought authenticity as well as engagement. And last but certainly not least, our two student ambassadors from Teesside Uni led a session using Romeo and Juliet as the basis for discussion, writing and even some performance. The pupils (mainly Year 8) from Abbey Hill, Northshore, Hollis, Rye Hills and St Peters were absolutely brilliant in their attitude and although the day was full on, they remained enthusiastic right until the end of the last session and were a credit to themselves and their schools.

Days like this are important in linking the everyday curriculum ‘why are we learning this?’ to the real world of work and more Ethan once I was told ‘I’d employ a few of them’. Coming and working at Inspire2Learn is a different experience or the pupils. They are often in groups mixed with other schools and during the day they mingle with other users of the centre who are there for meetings or training. It is a great midway point between the real workplace and school. Emily as always was really apologetic that it had taken her so long to come and do one but she is sooooo wrong! She made a difference with the day that she could do. Yes we would love her back every week but if she does that day and another company does another day and another a different one the burden on business diminishes but the pupils get a fantastic deal. We will probably surpass last year’s total of students engaged by the time we reach December but even if we reach eleven or twelve thousand pupils we are still way short of the 95 000 in the Tees Valley. A little support by a lot of businesses will make a huge difference and very much supports TVCA’s aim to engage 1000 businesses. I think we can do better than that if the ask is one day a year.

Just time to catch our breath over the weekend and on to KS1 Enterprise….

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