Locomaths October 2018

IMG_4866I know that when our courses were first advertised, Locomaths was a bit of a slow burner in terms of bookings. I think many schools only booked on when they saw the waiting lists on everything else. It was a shame in a way because the activity is a real life application of both maths and english. The pupils have to take the role of building a section of HS2. They are given a 4m map showing various features: countryside, town, wetlands, rivers etc and they have to plan a route across it using a wooden train set. Of course every piece costs money and crossing various features also multiplies the cost. Crossing a river for example multiplies the cost by 5 for that piece of track. The children are encouraged to plan at least three different routes and also consider the environmental and social implications of each route. They will be presenting to camera what their preferred option is in a few m minutes and it will be uploaded on to here by 3pm. The task involved teamwork, a clear plan of work, practical application of maths and english and also the opportunity to present effectively. I have been particularly vocal about that so far today because I want the pupils to present effectively, not just stand in a line reading off a sheet of paper so they ‘get a go’.

Today we have pupils from Acklam Whin and St Paulinus. You can see from the pictures below the level of engagement and it we have had some lovely feedback from the teachers so far today. If you want to see children applying maths and English in context, this is the event!

We have spent time today ensuring that the teams think hard about their presentations. Do you need everyone on camera? What are you showing as graphics? How can you avoid simply reading off a piece of paper? You will see below that the pupils really took this on board with the support of their teachers and it was lovely to see use of cue cards, simplified graphics and even use of film (ideally we would have had it on a big screen which was difficult in because of the way that I filmed it but I loved the idea).

And now the presentations:

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