Aspiration: Making a difference

It might not feel like it when you spend 20mins talking to a group of 13 year olds about what you or your company do all day long, but the research evidence suggests you make a massive difference to the rest of their lives. I won’t spend time discussing the various pieces of research here (but if you are interested please visit here) but trust me, the evidence is weighted heavily in favour. And so it was that today we welcomed Sharon and Sophie from Resolution Communications, Kirsten and Lily from PD Ports, Erika from Nifco, Vicky and Sarah from South Tees NHS, Wendy from the Civil service, two incredibly enthusiastic ambassadors from Teesside University and Leanne from CUBIC to speak to over 200 children split into small groups over the course of the day. Yes some are always going to be more switched on to the opportunity than others but the feedback from staff (we had 8 schools over the course of the day) was really enthusiastic. These events are based on what the research evidence suggests has meaningful impact and have been running successfully for the past three years. Half the year focusses on Y8s and the other half on Y5, which we also know from lots of previous experience has a huge impact.

The speakers were mixed in that some had been to events previously and some were here for the first time, after trying many times to fit us into their busy diaries. I get lots of of apologies from people who can’t make our events but I reassure them that it isn’t necessary. When people can come, they do and it is a growing set of maybe 200 businesses that are represented from the Tees Valley across the year. Each does a handful of events at most but by sharing the burden the provision grows. It is a real feature of the Tees Valley business community that the number of well supported events that we run has grown considerably in the four years we have been running them. Around 10 000 pupils benefitted from our programme last year and this is on course to be surpassed in 2018. Thank you to you all for your continued support.

And if you haven’t been yet? Just let me know…

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