Maths in the World of Work

IMG_5117It has often been commented on by teachers who bring students to our events that they are impressed by the quality of the speakers that we work with. This is no accident. We don’t always get it right but that is usually because it is someone’s first time, they don’t know what to expect and we haven’t been able to help them as much as we would like to. Today was a good example of how it works well. Over 60 students from 4 schools across the Tees Valley attended our Maths in the World of Work day. Most of the presenters hadn’t been before but we had taken the time to speak to them in some detail and the result was a varied and engaging set of activities across orange of disciplines. Huge thanks to Teesside Uni Ambassador programme (again!), Russell Mills, Rob Wilson (of Wilton Engineering) and three apprentices from the ever supportive Accenture. The quality of the interactions on these particular events is second to none. When designing our programme we look to make activities as meaningful as possible both through our own experience of what works and what the research is telling us. Our World of Work days are probably the best example of this. The pupils were split into four groups and completely mixed up so they had to work with pupils form different schools. They took to it brilliantly. We also finished the day with a challenge based on cryptography and it was with a huge number of groans that I had to stop the pupils at the end of the day.

What was also brilliant to hear came from the presenters after the pupils had left. They genuinely felt that they had made a difference and really enjoyed the different audience to the people they usually work and deal with day to day. This is a recurring theme and companies are increasingly sending a wider range of their employees because they tell us that they go back to the office the next day absolutely fired up with enthusiasm. We aim to please and we thank everyone for their support. if your company hasn’t taken part yet please send me an email, through effective collaboration we are really starting to make a difference.

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