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We head into our final week of events at Inspire2Learn for schools in 2018 and what a busy year it has been. Today the fantastic pupils from St Benedicts and Acklam Whin spent time exploring how we can manipulate experiences to create impact through digital means.. HP Reveal, iMax projection, Minecraft collaborative tasks and using our Vive VR set were all on the menu. The morning focussed on a collaborative task where our intrepid pupils were colonists in space who had landed on a Goldilocks planet. They had to divide up their labour into creating the essential elements of a new settlement, watched over by three of the boys who took the role of administrators, allocating land and sorting disputes. The result was phenomenal to watch as a new town slowly emerged from the landscape with clear rationale behind each development. In many ways we could have planned this session to last all day. Here are some of the images of them working:

The settlement was planned on a master list and map and each pair around the room took responsibility for things like houses, school, water supply, energy and so on. These are the result:

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The organisation and teamwork involved was immense and brilliant to see.

Following lunch the children were split into three groups. Three activities – iMax style projection, using HP Reveal and experiencing a full VR setup with our Vive allowed pupils top try different ways of experiencing the technology that is fast becoming a part of everyday life. We were particularly keen to link the activity that they were doing with the very real fact that Teesside University is one of the best institutions in the world for teaching this type of work and it is on their doorstep. With the growth in companies now coming from the university graduates locally, the area is certainly looking very promising for pupils interested in developing their interest in XR and making a career of it.

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