Brilliant Animators

Today we welcomed the fantastic Y2 children from Yarm Primary. After a last minute jiggle around with dates we managed to squeeze them into an event because they had been on our waiting lists for a loooooong time. Hopefully the wait was worth it and we certainly enjoyed their enthusiasm and creativity. They had done some animation before but this was their first time with Stop Motion app.

As you can see they planned a simple story and created characters and props to tell it. However, when you watch the videos below I would like you to appreciate the progression in their work during the day. Their first attempts were pretty much binned at lunchtime. I played Mr Grumpy to really bring home the fact that there was no excuse for having the camera showing lots of table, for characters to move too fast, or for words to be left on the screen for a split second. Absolutely there are some slips in what you will see below but the difference between what they managed to achieve and the level at which they were performing just an hour earlier is really awesome. Well done to every group who managed to get something completed. It was a fast paced day with high expectations that you met brilliantly.

As always the teachers and assistants who attend these days make all the difference. The staff today were brilliant and really got into the spirit of what we were trying to achieve. In addition we had four of the creative ambassadors from Hillsview Academy who got stuck in all day and made a real difference to what the children produced. That wasn’t an easy job so well done to you! Now for the animations:

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  1. Brilliant, my son said he had a fab time today. Thank you

  2. A fantastic effort by Y2 Yarm Primary!

  3. ‘Best day ever!’ Apparently, thank you so much 😊

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