More Brilliant Animators!

An endless supply it would seem as today we welcome St Josephs RC (Loftus) and Wynyard Primary to the centre with their Y2 children. Very few of them have done any animation before but that does not matter. What we are developing is teamwork and effective listening skills. That is showing in abundance. Although they are only 6 or 7 years old we have insisted on a high level of detail in their work; no dodgy camera angles filming the table, care with movement, speech bubbles lasting a decent enough time to read and so on. They have taken these key ideas and then applied their own creativity so as I type they are producing some magnificent pieces of work. Using the Stop Motion app (free on iOS) the mechanics were simple, the execution needed care.

Have a peek at their working:

You might also notice some of the fantastic ambassadors we have from Hillsview Academy in some of the images. Their help at multiple events over the last few months has been invaluable for us and a great opportunity I hope for them to develop their skills. They certainly have been a great advert for their school.

So the videos! I’ve pulled them all into one long masterpiece. Some have music, some don’t but enjoy them either way. I also want to point out that some of the children had nothing of any merit to show by 1.30pm and I told them so (nicely) because by recognising what was wrong, they learned really well how to make it work better. Well done.

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  1. That was great to watch what Freya and her class mates from St Josephs School have been doing today 🙂 She had a fab day ! Thank you

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