Crikey! Now for the Big Animators…

Well, big – ish! Today we welcome St Benedicts and Acklam Whin Y6s to the centre to round off a week where we have worked with almost 300 pupils. Again the focus is animation today and we have spent the morning looking at specific animation skills using the brilliant (and free) Stop Motion app. Walking, speech and timing is important to ensure that animations have a realistic feel. On top of that the children can then add a creative layer; a layer where animation allows the impossible to happen. I’m often asked why we run ‘animation’ days here, it isn’t even mentioned as required in the National Curriculum. However, the animation is unimportant, it is the collaborative working in a team towards a goal that is important. Identifying how to solve a problem on a new project in a way they probably haven’t worked before brings learning, learning, to learn to the forefront. We make constant reference to it throughout the day. We also make those links explicit about their attitude to getting g the job done here with what the world will expect of them later in life. We are also fortunate that Teesside University is one of the best in the world for studying animation and digital media….and it is on their doorstep. Here are some of the images from the skills sessions:

They have the skills so now the task can now be set! I have challenged them to create a short animation that will act as our e-card for the centre this Christmas. They have access to all the crafts they might need as well as various pictures of some of the staff here. I can’t wait to see what they come up with! They certainly look well planned and determined:

Well, after a frantic afternoon of creativity, problem solving and ethical use of music clips from open websites (!) I present to you the final creations. Well done everyone:

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