Game of Actual Life

img_0535How on earth do you learn to run your life from a financial point of view? Most of us make it up as we go along(!) and yet every time we open the debate here for pupils to tell us what they feel they really need to learn at school, this aspect of learning comes up near the top of the list every single time. Simon Carson Soccer Schools has been working for several years on a programme that schools can buy into that addresses this and I challenged him several months ago to see if we could make it a meaningful experience in a day. So, several months later we have 120 pupils from schools across the Tees Valley: Reid Street and Whinfield in Darlington, St Cuthbert’s in Hartlepool and St Therese of Lisieux in Stockton highly engaged in an experience here at I2L doing just that. The pupils have looked at different aspects of expenditure: putting a roof over their head, going places, days out and so on in half hour workshops brilliantly supported and delivered by their SCSC own staff and volunteers from Hunley Hall, I2L and Prismatic Wealth. The final session gives the children the opportunity to work out what their ideal lifestyle will cost them and what sort of jobs will pay those levels of salary. It is a fabulous idea and whether children do it in a day as great experience or even the more in depth programme, they appear to get a lot out of it in terms of their realistic aspirations and motivation to achieve. We are not exactly Kidzania (but if anyone wants to help us set one up…..) but for a day at least personal finance has been on these children’s learning curve.


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