Design Engineering Masters!

What a fabulous day here at Inspire2Learn. I know I always write that but it was brilliant to welcome some new faces to take on our Locomaths event. As usual we start the day with a huge focus on teamwork skills and attitudes; asking the children to define them. We use that list as a thread to the activity for the rest of the day and we don’t give prizes for the product of the activity, we look for the process; who has gone over and beyond what we expect from great teammates. It is hard choice and the staff from Hummersea, Acklam Whin and Saltburn were hard pressed to choose. I also gave an additional award for a young lady who never lost enthusiasm at any poi t and was keen to engage in anything thrown at her. I heard her speaking to her group as they stopped for a mid morning break, ‘Let’s have a quick break but we need to get back because there is work to do. But don’t eat too fast or you will get indigestion!’

The planning each team did was very meticulous but what stood out today was the time and effort to really showcase their ideas in their presentation. As a whole group we discussed some familiar faux pas: reading text from a screen, mumbling, etc and you can really see from the way that they presented that they took that on board. Some of their language choices were really professional (see below). On elf the teachers also told me how much she had enjoyed the day and that some fo the children who sometimes find it hard to engage in curriculum tasks for any length of time had astounded her in the way that they had simply stuck to their task today. I think that this is due to the principles on which we base our work and it is lovely to hear some feedback that seems to confirm that focussing on independent thinking, teamwork, problem solving and working to a time challenge (all desirable employability skills) pays off.

If you do nothing else tonight, marvel at the video below!

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