Marine Engineering at its Finest!

IMG_1382Teamwork. What does that mean? What are the skills required to be a good team member? We start EVERY session here at Inspire2Learn with that question and use it as a thread for the day. What is fantastic is that the list is never the same. Today is no exception. Yes there are similar elements but every group we work with has brought new insight into the term and our understanding of how children work together has grown considerably even as seasoned teachers! Today we have Sacred Heart Primary and Whale Hill in the centre taking on our STEM boat challenge. Starting with some practical joining tasks then moving through some simple scientific method to give the children independence in the challenge, the day just goes so quickly; time management being a key factor of the day. As you can see below the pupils have been so engaged from the moment that they arrived and have worked methodically to make sure that different variables have been tested. Mast size, number of masts, sail size, boat shape and many more variables have been methodically tested and recorded so that hopefully when they race down the test track at 2pm powered by the mighty Tornado (er….desk fan) they will be swift vessels. Great enthusiasm, great engagement, what a great set of pupils. They can come back any time!

The teams finished the day by racing their boats. Team ‘Blue Whale’ from Whale Hill Primary emerged the fastest, week done to them, but it was noticeable how closely matched most of the boats were. Clearly they had all been refined and redesigned really effectively throughout the day.

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