Run Away Animation!

IMG_1439Rascals! Hooligans! Villains! That’s what the children from Newcomen and Acklam Whin are! All I wanted was for them to stick to my session plan: animate some letters, animate a character, take on a challenge …..and what did they do??? They got all enthusiastic at the earliest opportunity and ended up making stories, writing plans, creating scenes – multiple scenes at that and basically just getting on with the real focus of the day – problem solving as part of an effective team. How dare they!

And what have they produced? Well see for yourself below. It was lovely to have the Newcomen children come to this animation two years after they last came here for it. The progression and maturity is clear and the emphasis can be on quality. Not that this didn’t apply to Acklam Whin who have more than held their own despite not having animated before. I set very high expectations today. There was no excuse for speech to be on screen for a nano second meaning you can’t read it, the background should never include the edge of the image, the characters need to move at appropriate speed and by and large they have focussed on these simple marks of attention to detail and really excelled. It certainly hasn’t quelled their enthusiasm!

As always we began the day with a focus on effective teamwork, what it looks like and how we would achieve it. There will be prizes for this again but I would struggle to choose so that will be down to the teachers!

Videos will be here by early evening but you can see from the pics below how engaged these children are.

And here are the videos. One or two of the iPads were being a bit difficult but hopefully all the work is here:

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