Scrapheap March 2019

IMG_1484I will never tire of hearing some of the amazing ideas that children come up with in response to the challenge that our scrapheap presents them with. Today we have Y1 Lockwood, Y2 Thornaby CofE and Y3 Newcomen and their enthusiasm and commitment is astonishing. What is even more astonishing is their team ethic. They really have had groups discussions, often without adult mediation, to create a blend of ideas that have now become their models. I cannot wait to see their presentations. As always, the focus on effective teamwork towards a goal is repeated time and time again during these events and the children have responded magnificently. We had some brilliant support today from CUBIC and I believe that Mathew has commented below. Simply meeting someone from the real World of Work statistically has a big impact on young people, helping to develop their social and cultural capital. He seemed to enjoy the day but you can judge from his comments! Thank you Mathew and CUBIC for your time.

Some of the models are actually bigger than the children. Have a look at their engagement below and check out the video after 3pm of their presentations:


And here are the presentations:

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  1. Mathew Robinson

    Absolutely brilliant event. I was there as a representative from Cubic Transportation Systems education links team and I was blown away by the ideas that the kids came up with. They were all so well behaved too! Inspire 2 learn should be proud of putting on events like these. We need more of this kind of stuff for kids to get involved with. Hands-on and engaging. Well done everyone.

  2. Fantastic work, it looks like you came up with some great ideas. Thank you to Inspire 2 learn for providing this opportunity.

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