The Mighty Riverdale!

Well they are from Redcar!

Y5 and Y6 came together today to take on our STEM boat challenge. Blending DT & Science from the curriculum with a strong emphasis on our key teamwork and problem solving skills they have worked enthusiastically all day to produce a sail boat that will beat all others! Spending some time on control and manipulation of variables has hopefully also focussed their minds on effective iterative scientific method. Which size sail works best? Which hull shape is most effective(?) and so on. Most teams seem to have tested at least two variables in the time that they have had to work on this.

This is what effective teamwork looks like:

And these were the boats that competed:

Follow by the winner:

Which, yet again, was created by an all girl team. I have threatened them all today; if these girls don’t go on to become successful engineers we will have wasted some serious talent!

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