Team Engineering

IMG_2089Easter has gone and now we head on to the final frantic few months in the Summer Term. Today we have fabulous pupils from UCA, Acklam Whin and Saltburn taking on our popular Locomaths Challenge. The activity is based around developing the best route and facilities for a new train line across a piece of UK countryside. Sound familiar? The day is couched in terms of the challenges that the design team for HS2, or similar, face when creating a new route across a very well used and populated countryside. The challenge is to work out the costs of three different options through mathematical modelling, build in an understanding of environmental/social concerns, and come up with the best option to pitch. Presenting their ideas is a key aspect of the day and will appear at the bottom of this post by 3pm.

The context is important but the learning outcome of the day is crucial and we always focus this on the key skills that they will employ to ensure the task is accomplished well. Essentially the team has to work effectively and a discussion of what that looks like kicked off the day. There will be prizes as usual for the pupils who really stand out in this regard. One of the things that has really emerged from running this and similar events this year is that the opportunities to develop leadership skills is a key part of the team ethic and we have highlighted what that looks like for the pupils to help them recognise it in themselves. Below are some of the images from the morning session to give an idea of the process behind the final presentations that will appear here. Look out also for innovative station designs and feature laden trains that are designed to entice the motorist off the road and into public transport!

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