Virtually Perfect

It looks like a mixed reality day.

The pupils get to experience lots of mixed reality hardware and software. They even get an insight into the fact that the companies who make this stuff are often based locally (thank you Animmersion for your video intro…😀), so why would anyone suggest any different?

Well the focus of the day here as ever is developing cultural and social capital. The context is useful, engaging and opens the children’s eyes to future careers but the way we structure the tasks and experience means there is also a huge focus on developing team working skills. The narrative underlying the day is a team task to create a new society through Minecraft. Acklam Whin, St Josephs and Saltburn each elected a Mayor who then had to work as a three person team to ensure that their constituents helped the community in a co-ordinated way. Such brilliant leadership skills being shown and developed from each of them. The other children took on specific building tasks as part of the community and a short design phase then led into the building. Some of the builds can be seen below:

It was interesting that a real community ethic began to emerge with agreed rules (they even wrote them down!) to ensure there was fair use of the space and resources. Alongside this the children were given wider experiences using an IMAX style projection space, Occulus Go and Vive VR. Sadly the children are only here for 5 hours and cramming it all in is always an issue…but what an amazing experience they have had. You can see from the images below the reaction from the pupils:

Judging by comments on the way out I think Middlesbrough Council had better get the next phase of the Boho digital campus built pretty quick!

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