Animation Challenge 2019

!!!!!Scroll down for children’s work!!!!!

Welcome to the Animation Challenge 2019!

About 10000 pupils worked with us last year across all of our activities focussed on aspiration and developing cultural capital.

Most of the children who get to work with Inspire2Learn are here in the Tees Valley.   Although we do sometimes work with children and teachers both across the UK and even in other countries, the focus is more often than not the amazing area that we live in.

We have a proud and world famous reputation for innovation in technology, especially engineering, but what people often forget is our strong tradition in the Arts. From historical Dresser pottery to our current world leading work at establishments like the Northern School of Art, the cultural scene in the Tees Valley has always been well regarded but often overlooked. This is despite the hard work of our local museums and our nationally important art centre MIMA showcasing just how rich our heritage has been and continues to flourish.

But once in a while some events pop up on the national radar. It helps that artists like Mackenzie Thorpe were not only born in Middlesbrough but is also a huge advocate for the local people and what they can achieve. In April 2019 he unveiled a sculpture based on a painting he created in honour of the everyday people who work to make the area the hidden powerhouse that it is. Mackenzie was particularly pleased to loan the sculpture to the town for the next two years. It sits beneath the Transporter Bridge which is often found in his paintings in one way or another. His 30th anniversary as an artist will include tours around the UK, America and Japan.

So, what is the animation challenge?

We want you to think about the two characters in the sculpture ‘Waiting for me Dad’. Who are they, why are they waiting? What has their Dad been doing or what have they been doing? They live in the Tees Valley so what might they have seen that day? We want you to create a short animation….or a class animation (a scene each?) that shows the day that those children have had….or what the Dad has been doing?

Follow the links below and have a look at other examples of Mackenzie’s work. He was once a little boy in a school just like yours. Use his ideas and style of drawing to make your characters fit with his style. Maybe you can create backdrops that showcase some amazing places in the Tees Valley?

I look forward to seeing how you plan out the story and get to work on your animation. Please send us pictures as you are working. Animations should be finished by Thursday lunchtime so we can showcase them here at the Centre.

Any questions, just ask….

Links that may be useful:

Waiting For Me Dad sculpture takes pride of place at Tees Transporter Bridge

Children’s work!

What a lovely day we have had here at the Centre. Acklam Whin and Riverdale sent a fabulous group of pupils each who have worked tirelessly to make quality work. I stressed for the start that I want looking for a four hour epic but I wanted to say care and consideration to the animation: speech bubbles you can see and have time to read, consistent framing, no ‘Hands of Doom’. You can see that they have achieved that pretty darn well. But the joy of the day is the development of teamwork skills, creative problem solving (they know what they want but how do they make it do that?) and working two a tight time schedule. I am very proud of all of them and using ‘Waiting for me Dad’ as an inspiration has produced a wide range of creative responses. Some images so far and finished films by 3pm.

Lovely to see some work in a puppet animation style from the team at Grangetown Primary being sent in. Well done all of you!

And the videos from the centre today:

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