Thinking Outside the Self

On paper this is called an Enterprise Day but as many people in education will know, ‘enterprise’ is often used as a cover all for a whole range of activities. Our focus falls on two things: teamwork – always; and developing an idea for a particular audience. In this case they have been asked to create a new LEGO set. To be honest, the LEGO is the least of it and we use it as an additional creative element to the day; it helps to formulate ideas. They have been asked to work through a process, identifying an audience (an audience that is not them!), identify what will attract that audience, draw them in – and then create a new set that appeals to those values. It is always interesting that despite a structured walk through of the task, some warm up tasks to introduce the key thought processes to consider and a partially worked example, once the LEGO comes out many children simply disregard it all. They immediately want to create with the LEGO. That is no bad thing in itself but I am pretty sure that the design teams at LEGO don’t start with a pile of bricks most days and then just start building any old thing. The average 6 year old would be just as effective. There has to be thought behind the product, an aim, interwoven with creativity that produces something that is both novel and yet oddly familiar in that it focusses on audience values. The pupils from Rye Hills and Abbey Hill have all taken the end product idea on board and the key audience. To a greater or lesser extent though they have tried to implement the thought processes that we have provided to ensure that the best product that could have been produced has been achieved.

Finally they combined their product development skills and advertising understanding to produce some simple adverts that show the structures that they have been learning about. Not bad for half an hour’s work!

And some of the finished adverts:

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