Digital City Code Camp

We’ve been meaning to do something like this for years and then a great meeting with Steve Dougan at Teesside University introduced me to the student board in the school of computing. Fast forward a few months and we have 64 pupils here today from 16 schools across the Tees Valley. The fantastic students have create an day of activities based around the BBC Micro:bit creativity kits and the level of coding and particularly fault finding has been amazing to watch. In fact several of the groups have switched their block style coding to the source Javascript in order to solve problems in the tasks more effectively. The local digital economy is growing and growing and it is pupils like these who will the future workforce that builds on our local reputation for excellence and innovation. Schools can do so much but opportunities like these really bring the raise the value of learning coding and how it relates to future local career opportunities. I am gobsmacked at the quality and complexity of their work. It sure beats the old way we talk ‘computers’ focussing on how to use a mouse or how to use a Microsoft package!

Huge thanks to the students from Teesside Uni and all the schools who took part form across the whole area. Even the Big Weekend couldn’t stop them getting here: Sacred Heart, St Josephs, Myton Park, Park End, St Gerards, Bankfields, Throston, Grangetown, Normanby, Whinstone, Corpus Christi, Chaloner, UCA, Oakdene, Whale Hill and Barnard Grove.

To be honest, the interest from schools was so great (at a week or two’s notice!) that we had more schools than kits. Do we ever let schools down here? No, of course not. The additional schools who couldn’t fit in the Microbit session have been creating. day in the life of a robot using our I2L kit. The videos are below the images of them working (from 3pm):

And a week (ish) in the life of the robots:

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