Who would want them on your team?

Lovely to welcome Y7 Sacred Heart to the Centre today. They needed some space and some activities for these students so we set them the Locomaths Challenge. As usual the focus is on teamwork and getting the pupils to experience a time limited challenge that they entirely direct. We also emphasise the skills and attitudes that they will use during the day in order to be successful; skills and attitudes that they will ned when they are older. A key question from this morning was: would someone pay you money to sit next to you in an office on a project? Commitment, focus, enthusiasm are all incredibly important attitudes to have in most work spaces and this was an opportunity for pupils to experience what that means in a time pressured, out of school situation.

You can see from the pictures below the excellent effort that most have made:

I was really impressed with the quality of many of the presentations. Most were really detailed with clear rationale for decisions the team had made. It was clear that they had worked effectively together. But a also I’d like to commend some of the presenters who maybe didn’t have the longest or most detailed presentations but at least they showed the leadership to stand up on behalf of the team. That was definitely a learning experience for some.

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