Code Kings and Queens

Astounding. I think that probably sums them up best. The brilliant pupils from Hillsview, Brambles Primary and Acklam Whin have been simply astounding.

‘Here are some robots that I want you to tell a story with. Oh and they have to follow a complex map to tell their story. Oh and you have less than 4 hours to learn the software, try out solutions to the challenge and create a coherent programme.’ And boy did they do this! Sometimes we find that these longer challenges can have a few children flagging bit during the afternoon, losing focus and becoming a bit lost. Well that certainly didn’t happen today, In fact I reckon most of them would keep this up all week if they got the chance….and they would be very welcome to. Particularly of note was the concentration levels shown by some of the girls today. I recently filmed in a lot of coding/digital type businesses and one thing they all told me was that they wanted more female employees but they just didn’t get the applications. Well I can assure them that the future is bright, really bright and Middlesbrough’s continuing growth as a Digital Hub is in very safe hands.

The pictures below say it all but there will also be some videos of their programming in action later today.

Modelling the challenge step by step:

And a ‘simple’ explanation of one team’s plans:

Below is a compilation of the final attempts to run the course. None of the groups had been allowed to test drive the course during the day, many had recreated it using masking tape or rolls of paper as test tracks. Despite the difference in the floor texture and the fact that it takes about two and a half minutes for at the complete programme to complete the course we actually had some get all the way to the end. Amazing stuff. Even though not everyone did, they knew where they had gone wrong and every single one of them could be heard muttering how they could correct it as they went back to their seats. They REALLY understood what they had been learning.

The final attempts are now below:


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