Does anybody need talented, committed employees in the next few years?

Great, well I’ve got loads for you.

The fabulous pupils from Ings Farm and Acklam Whin were a vision of what local project teams will look like in the next ten to fifteen years. Seriously, I would quite happily employ most of them in my business today judging on how they worked on our IMG_2782Locomaths Challenge. We started the day, as ever, with a focus on what team skills mean and the list they produced looks like the basis of every project team I have ever heard of. They are using the list as a check point for the way that they are attempting the task and there was a lot of discussion about how they get the best out of every team member.

And now they are attempting the task. They are in groups of up to eight so ensuring a clear team plan, with clear roles and responsibilities for each member has been essential. Looking round the work areas immediately shows that the division of labour has been organised really effectively with different pupils doing different tasks. What is also palpable is the sense of commitment to ‘get this right’. It is hard to describe what the atmosphere is like during our events. Our focus is always to create meaningful, relevant events that punctuate the wider education experience for each child. We have some projects next year which will potentially reach EVERY primary child in the Tees Valley, all 50 000 of them. Here is a taste of what our events look like, I wish I could bottle it!

We know from our experience and the growing research that developing social and cultural capital is the key driver in success for people through their lives. Qualifications and  certificates are a symptom of that mindset and are keys to unlock particular doors in a child’s life, but there are many doors. Great schools put a lot of time and effort into that aspect of a pupil’s development and as somebody who works with close to a hundred schools a year, my experience can tell when that work has been done. You can see it today if you are here at Inspire2Learn. Getting the mindset right, not ‘growth or closed’ but a mindset that is confident, is aware of what the future could hold and how the child could achieve it is the biggest challenge in many of towns. Our primaries are particularly good at doing this. They marry the statutory testing demands with a focus on developing pupil character and awareness of possibilities in later life. It makes a difference.

Let’s see what that looks like when challenged by a project:

They now have to get the myriad of tasks completed and formed into a presentation by 1.45pm. I’ve already heard talk about ‘working lunches’! The presentations will appear here after 3pm. Seriously if you need quality, committed staff, just let me know and I’ll pass on to the school. Believe me, their age is irrelevant from what I’ve seen so far.

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